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When We Meet

When: 1st Thursday of the month Dates: September-May Time: 3:20-4:30 Place: Beattie Media Center


3000 Meadowlark Fort Collins, CO 80526
Fun & Rewarding
Our main goal is to help make your child’s educational experience at Beattie the best it can be.
Goals & Achievements
Helping kids set goals and work hard to achieve those goals.
Community & Friendships
Offering many events through the year to bring the Beattie community together!
Teaching our kids the meaning of good sportsmanship.

Things BAT Helps to Fund

Our Beattie Electronic Sign
Our Beattie Electronic Sign
BAT contributed approximately $6000 toward the new electronic sign in front of Beattie Elementary!
We were the first and are one of the only PSD schools to have snowshoes. We got these from Fall Frolic proceeds
Classroom Rugs
Classroom Rugs
BAT has approved multiple classroom rugs to help teach personal space as well as give a colorful and soft place to sit.
Dedication Bench
Dedication Bench
In 2014, BAT added a new bench to the front of the school and dedicated it to Principal Sam Aldern for his 30+ years of service at Beattie Elementary.
Water Bottle Filling Stations
Water Bottle Filling Stations
BAT contributed to the purchase of Beattie's Water Bottle Filling Stations. Coach Mueller had a chance to receive money by making baskets at a basketball halftime event and made over $800! Way to go Coach!! (photo will be changed to one of ours very soon)
Holiday Parties
Holiday Parties
BAT contributes to the cost of providing treats and activities to the Halloween, Winter and Valentine parties during the school year. Your contribution helps to make it even better!
Disc Golf
Disc Golf
The Fall Frolic helps not only with general Beattie funding requests, but 20% always goes back to Health and Wellness to keep our PE equipment as new as possible and gives our kids an opportunity to experience new sports like disc golf.



As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, gifts to Beattie Action Team are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please retain your PayPal receipt for your records. We sincerely thank you for your continuing support.


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Our BAT Crew

There are at least a dozen members of the BAT PTO that participate in various ways. Here are introductions to the members with position titles.

Natalie Sterling
Natalie Sterling Treasurer
The amazing teachers and staff at Beattie do so much for my kids that volunteering is my way to give back.